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Unique creations, crafted with sustainability

in mind.

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I use books that were thrown away, water damaged or falling apart. I recycle these books and turn them into sustainable, upcycled art. I hand make each flower with an eye for detail and a bit of whimsy. From centerpieces and special occasion arrangements, to wearable book art hair flowers and lapel pins, I make something for everyone!

I am a graphic designer by trade, and a craftsperson by passion. My love of book arts started as a tangent in my graphic design education, and has become an integral part of the services I offer. So much so, that I decided to promote these creations independently!

​These flowers will last indefinitely, with no need to water or care for them. They will look beautiful and serve as a keepsake forever. Order something special for the book lover in your life, today.


handmade paper flowers



These smaller centerpieces have 3 stemless roses with a folded book base.

Starting at just $35!



These centerpieces are made with recycled jars, have 6-10 stemmed flowers and can be upgraded to include string lights inside and custom text on the paper lining the base!

Prices start at $50



This arrangement includes a large folded  paper base, stemmed roses with paper leaves, and dried flowers for extra glamor. This is a best seller, with a dozen roses for your special someone.

Starts at $100.


Bridget Kolozvary


Call or email to discuss your project! I can work with almost any budget or materials. From sheet music to comic book paper flowers, from an inch in diameter to 10 inches in diameter, your project is only limited by your imagination (and the laws of physics and hot glue guns). Reach out to me to set up an appointment and we can go from there!

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